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Photo of Cuore Blanco

Cuore Blanco

Graphic and Web Designer

Cuore is known to have a marketing mind with a creative eye. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Digital Media, specializing in Web Design from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She has worked with multiple nonprofits of different sizes, from pediatrics to puppies. Cuore has guided them in efforts to support their respective missions in the digital space through branding initiatives such as websites, print materials, and social media graphics. She joined Vaccine Ambassadors as a web designer to leverage the organization’s mission with her extensive and creative skillset.

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

every human on this planet deserves to live a healthy life in a healthy environment so they too can have equal opportunities to make a difference in their community and help solve the world’s greatest problems.

Photo of James Dupree

James Dupree


James is a writer and editor. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received his ACES Certificate in Editing from Poynter’s News University. His experience with editing has ranged from children’s books, environmental education grants, lifestyle magazines, short stories, and essays. In his free time, he focuses on writing short stories, even shorter stories, and stories so short they’re only 100 words. You can read them on his site.

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

vaccines are invaluable for the survival and advancement of humankind.

Headshot of Astrid Flores

Astrid Flores

Graphic Designer

Astrid joined the Vaccine Ambassadors’ team in 2014 and is the talented graphic designer behind many of our promotional and marketing materials including the “Protect Yourself When You Protect Someone Else” flu season campaign and our HealthCare Provider Coalition. A native of Puerto Rico, Astrid received her training at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston where she completed her BFA degree. Astrid has held positions such as a Senior Graphic Designer and Supervisor Strategic Planner. She is the owner and Creative Director of Anthea Graphic Design, LLC, an independent studio.

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

As a parent, I feel strongly about my children being protected and vaccinated. It is our responsibility as caregivers to make sure all children in the world have the same opportunity.

headshot of Alex Hartlange

Alex Hartlage


Alex is an MD/PhD student at The Ohio State University. A native of Cincinnati, he completed his PhD degree in viral immunology with a focus on hepatitis C vaccine development in the spring of 2020. He is now completing his MD degree and is excited for a future career in Infectious Diseases clinical care and research. He hopes to use science and the natural power of the immune system to help eliminate communicable diseases worldwide. Outside of studying he enjoys spending time with his wife Kelsey and their 2-yr old black Goldendoodle named Vader. 

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

every person, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, deserves a healthy opportunity at life. Vaccines are a safe, effective, and compassionate tool to help reach that goal.

Headshot of Ken Latman

Ken Latman

Motion and Visual Designer

Ken Latman a motion and visual designer with over 15 year experience versed in coordination of photo shoots, video production and other visual assets used in marketing efforts. He has been of service to a diverse list of clients including not only including Vaccine Ambassadors but early childhood education, physical therapy and computer tech companies. He leverages his experience and expertise by offering insightful suggestions towards improving many of our visual communication efforts. In addition he is an avid landscape photographer with award-winning photography featured on,,, and

I am a Vaccine Ambassador because...

I am an avid supporter of medical science and education. No child or family should have to suffer the effects of disease or illness when conclusive evidence has provided solutions to prevention and immunization.

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