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Is Your Clinic A Vaccine Ambassador? If not, consider joining us.

Vaccines are one of our greatest public health success stories and the cornerstone of pediatric care. Fortunately, most parents and healthcare providers in the United States have never seen a case of measles, diphtheria, or rubella, a testament to the power of routine immunizations. Unfortunately, many children around the world do not share in this same success because they lack access to vaccines and immunization services.

Your clinic can help ensure that children, regardless of where they live can receive this life-saving service by participating in our clinic-based one- month campaign. As families receive care at your clinic they are offered the opportunity to become a Vaccine Ambassador with a small contribution at the time of their visit.

As a Vaccine Ambassador Clinic, when someone receives care at your practice another person in the world can benefit as well. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it will give you another way to talk with your patients about the value of immunizations and the role they play in keeping us healthy at every age.

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